From Gasoline to Wood in 5 Easy Steps

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During World War 2, gasoline was so scarce in France that engineers there developed an automobile engine that would run on wood.  The range of this automobile was limited only by the supply of wood that you were able to haul with you. The Gasifier itself can be made of very basic materials, probably most of which can be found in your local scrap yard.

Basically, the gasifier is similar to a wood stove with the hot gasses going into the engine rather than out the stack.  It draws the air in the top and passes the gasses through a filter and then directly into the intake manifold of the engine.  The automobile engine itself does not require any modifications other than removal of the carburetor and an intake manifold that will connect to the gasifier.

The Corvair is an excellent choice for installing a gasifier as it can be placed in the bed of the truck and the engine is in the very back of the truck providing a very short run for the gasifier to engine manifold pipe. In addition, there is ample space to store some extra wood.  ©  2008 HomeGeneral InformationMaterialsDesignFAQsContactGetting Started